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The Climate Change Governance Token powered by green energy.

EcoWatt is the first Governance Token backed by green power and income generating assets dedicated to increasing Token value and delivering social impact. Initially 1 EcoWatt Token = 1 Watt of installed power (Wp), which increases in value as the growing Watt power exceeds the fixed Token supply.

The ECOWATT Governance Token

The EcoWatt Token derives its core value from physical revenue generating renewable energy assets. This gives the Token an increasing value and income, that increases as the asset portfolio backing grows larger. 

Proof of stake Token issuance

For each 1 Token sold, 1 Watt of Green Power is connected to and verified by the respective national grid on a public ledger.

Asset backed Value

The Green assets provide ongoing revenue that fund asset growth to increase Token value, staking rewards, access to low cost liquidity lending and social impact projects.


The EcoWatt Community that backs the project by staking Tokens receives the right to vote on fund allocation into social impact projects in the area of energy, food and water security as well as tree planting projects.

Ecowatt Token Offering

The EcoWatt Token will be offered via the Tokeny powered EcoWatt platform and will be later available at selected exchanges. Token mining requires a one-to-one ratio of 1 Token being backed by 1 Watt of Power. In order to achieve this, EcoWatt has arranged two funding rounds before transitioning into a public access liquidity pool for community members to purchase discounted Token claims. The Founders receive zero Tokens in advance and are 100% tied to the success of the project. A total of not more than tokens will be mined and released onto the Ethereum block-chain via the Polygon (Matic) Network as ERC20 T-Rex tokens.

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Thomas Puskas

Managing Director, Founder

30+ years building infrastructure and renewable energy projects. Vienna-Budapest World Fair, port & rail projects, wind, solar and hydro power plants with over 1200 MW capacity.

Paul Flynn

Chief Executive & Co-Founder

15 years structuring renewable energy projects. Once received a parliamentary citation and was a panel speaker for electrification in East Africa using the power of the community during the UN General Assembly Meeting (2018)

Dr. Rolf Schiffer

Director Energy projects

20 years being a thought leader, Government assessor and university lecturer in the renewable energy and energy efficiency space. Once gave up on a professorship to deliver a renewable energy project in Africa.

Our Partners

Airdrop Campaign

300.000 EUR value airdropped as ECW Tokens!

Earn tokens simply by pre-registering for the public mining pool and Join our airdrop campaign HERE.

Earn more Tokens by telling the world about the Climate Change governance Token by sharing news and updates from our

Telegram channel HERE with your own network via Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


Ecowatt In The Press

Driving technology for leading brands

EcoWatt is the first green asset backed Climate Change Governance Token.

EcoWatt is the first green asset backed Climate Change Governance Token.

By buying and staking Tokens, the community gains the governance voting rights on social impact projects funded by green assets.

By selling the tokens we raise funds to build and develop renewable energy assets at a ratio of 1 Token = 1 Watt to back the value of the Token and fund social impact projects.

The Tokens have a fixed supply but the assets continue to grow, which will increase the ratio, value and staking rewards of the Token over time.

Those green assets provide real world value to the Token and provide a long-term reliable income stream. With this income we will grow the asset portfolio and Token value indefinitely, reward the staking community for its support, add low cost liquidity lending offers and fund social impact projects in the areas of energy, food and water security as well as planting millions of trees.

To us the funding of social impact projects in emerging market is important.
This is when the community Governance gets to shine and determine which of the many opportunities we concentrate on.

The first project which we are currently finalising is with that will support 500 families to develop their own co-operative farming plots, while digging wells and also planting 1 million trees.

Just on the side we will also be saving tens of thousands of tons of CO2 emissions every year.
That’s a good start if you ask us.

We want EcoWatt to become the climate change governance Token. Join us!

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