Our Mission
Making The World Green

But How?

We Tokenise Carbon Credits and help individuals, companies and brands to become net-carbon neutral. We can all play an essential role in the global battle against climate change.

EcoWatt makes it possible to participate in and earn from the world-wide growth of the electricity market.

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What We Do?

EcoWatt is a Web3 company, dedicated to tokenizing carbon credits from renewable energy, clean-tech and reforestation projects. Our Tokens and NFT Ecosystem enables leading global brands to become carbon neutral, and engages and rewards the global community for participating in climate action projects.

Tokenising Real World Utility


Our tokens and NFTs make the world green. Everyone knows the blue tick (verification) on Instagram, Twitter or Telegram that confirms the authenticity of an account. Our tokens and NFTs are therefore a “green tick” that confirms that the owner is fully or partially climate neutral.

Our tokens and NFTs are backed by a portfolio of green energy assets, green technologies and forestry projects, so anyone holding them has direct exposure to valuable ISO-14064 carbon credits (CO2 certificates) and is certified as green. The carbon credit market is already worth billions today and will continue to grow in the coming years to meet the 2030 and 2050 climate targets. Our tokens and NFTs are linked to the increase in value.

Building a Community
To Be The Change

Our Solutions


EcoWatt is a socially-minded renewable energy company. Its goal: to revolutionise the energy market through the use of blockchain and the engagement of the crypto community – and to radically focus on green energy in the process. Now the innovation driver is going public, making its disruptive business model available to society at large.


Sustainable is the new profitable – this is also and
especially true for brands. That’s why more and more
companies are turning to green strategies.


EcoWatt bridges the gap between the new Blockchain
world to generate social impact and build community and
traditional high finance to realize industrial projects.


By engaging the community through tokens and NFTs,
we are able to replace one-off charity actions
with sustainable solutions.

Our Advisory Team

EcoWatt is a Web3 company, dedicated to tokenizing climate action and innovation projects. We are building an ecosystem that tokenizes renewable energy, clean-tech and reforestation projects, enables leading global brands to become carbon neutral, and engages and rewards the global community in climate action projects.

Parthiv Balsari
Director India, R20 Foundation
Marc Bruce
Group Head of Strategy of Britannia Financial Group

Director Jump Trading

Thomas Limberger
Founder, CEO Silver Arrow Capital Ltd.
Terry O'hearn
Founder, CEO Rizmi Trading Solutions
Peter Nussbaum
Chairman World Economic Council United Nations
Robert Schimanko
Chairman, CEO, Prime Capital Management AG
Josef Stiehler
Founder, CEO, General Capital Group AG

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