Our Mission
Making The World Green


We are all aware that climate change is one of the most pressing global issues today but most people don’t know how to get involved in actually doing something about it. Governments around the world are legislating major changes such as zero one-use plastic and the mandatory requirement for companies to buy carbon certificates to offset their carbon emissions.

EcoWatt offers solutions for both individuals and companies. Individuals, like you, can help combat climate change from the comfort of their favorite sofa, using only a mobile phone, and companies of all sizes can buy carbon certificates, NFTs or Green Bonds.

More specifically, you can buy an EcoWatt Token (EWT) from select crypto exchanges which funds reforestation and renewable energy projects within our Green ‘Impact’ portfolio; you can stake those EWT and automatically receive EcoWatt Carbon Tokens (EWCT) which can be used for either minting NFTs, or after collecting 1,500  EcoCarbon tokens, you can burn them to receive one Carbon Certificate. We also offer the opportunity to purchase Green Bonds which are backed by our Green Asset” portfolio: all the renewable energy plants in this portfolio are owned and managed by EcoWatt.

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