Ecowatt is building the global climate impact platform for renewable energy, reforestation & social impact projects.

We accelerate the implementation of renewable power to expand the supply rapidly, whilst simultaneously funding projects that are key drivers in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Ecowatt is also helping organisations to understand and manage their emissions and to take action to reduce them. Our climate experts support you at every stage of your company’s transition to a sustainable business.

EcoWatt is developing two portfolios:

The Green Asset portfolio, containing a host of renewable power stations, such as solar, in various levels of development, funded through the issuance of Green Bonds.

The Impact portfolio focusing on climate impact projects, which produce carbon credits for projects such as reforestation and carbon zero farming. Currently over 200 projects are producing 1.5 million carbon credits per year.

Our 2025 Goals

1) Planting of 100M+ trees

2) 10 GW renewable energy capacity


Carbon Credit Solution 2022
Middle East's Woman Leaders 2022
Climate Impact Accelerator 2022



Thomas Puskas
Founder & CEO
Matthew Edwards
Director Institutional Investors
Yana Leonova, PhD
Yana Leonova, PhD.
Regional head: MENA
Olli Kuronen
Chief Investment Officer


Bobby Campbell
Business Development Manager: USA
Julie Pugh
Julie Pugh
Marketing Coordinator
Lmehdi Ouabi
Blockchain/Backend Developer
Burak Sakalli
Burak Sakalli
Frontend Developer