EcoWatt is a blockchain-powered renewable energy company. We offer easy and simple ways for individuals and companies to contribute towards climate action using any device.

Whether it’s by buying EcoWatt tokens ($EWT) which fund green projects around the world; or staking $EWT which unlocks EcoCarbon tokens (ECT) that can be used to mint NFTs or collectively burned to receive ISO-Carbon certificates, we have it all. We are also building a large green asset portfolio of renewable energy power plants around the world to support our asset-linked Green Bonds.

Why are we doing this?

We all know that climate change is a problem, yet not nearly enough people are doing a thing about it. Why? Because it’s typically, until now, been difficult to do so. We also know that mass adoption wont occur if the methods are expensive, slow and difficult.

So, we have made it easy, fast and convenient for anyone to contribute in whatever way they can.

It’s not about contemplating life on the red planet, it’s about saving the current one which is perfect for our needs.

To reach net zero emissions by 2050, annual clean energy investment worldwide will need to more than triple by 2030 to around $4 trillion, and you can be part of this investment. 

Our 2025 Goals

1) Fund the planting of 100M+ trees by 2025

2) Fund the expansion of the green energy asset portfolio to 10 GW of renewable energy capacity



Thomas Puskas
Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur with 25 years of experience delivering infrastructure projects valued at 1.2Bn. He uses this experience to manage the business administration of EcoWatt and oversee asset procurement and development.

Paul Flynn
Managing Partner

Serial Entrepreneur, 20 years of Experience in Business Law and structuring solutions within the Renewable Energy Sector.

Matthew Edwards
Director Institutional Investors

30 years experience in FX, Trade Finance, Venture Capital and family office advisory. Traded 2 Billion USD per day as an Interbank FX-Trader.

Csongor Veress
Director Power Plant Development

With decades of experience in renewable energy project development, Csongor turns green fields into operating solar and wind facilities that generate green electricity and carbon credits.

Lauren Haworth
Marketing Director

An experienced global marketing director, board member, entrepreneur, NFT and crypto investor, and radio personality. Driven by an innate desire to make a tangible difference in the world regardless of how small, she pushes brands and boundaries to evaluate topline strategies for growth and sustainability.

Ralf Uhlig

Founder of the Crypto 1x1 community with thousands of followers. Passionate influencer and leader with 20 years of experience in finance and communications. 


Bozhidar Borisov
IT Manager

10 years IT Management, SAP, Web- and App-development. Founder of Next Level Gaming Studio, Host to largest E-Sports Streaming Channel in the Balkans.

Bobby Campbell
Blockchain EcoSystem Manager

10 years of trading experience, Blockchain Investor since 2017 and Founder of Global Synergies Inc. a Blockchain focused Venture Capital company.

Florin Capris
Community Engagement

Founder of the Rates-App, a Crypto Investor and Network Marketing Entrepreneur who understands how to bring people together to form a community.

Melanie Guhra
NCO Engagement

Founder of the Rates App and a digital nomand who travels the world and tries to find ways to make it better, preferably while working with NGOs to create sustainable social impact.

Robert Maiwald
NFT Solutions

Founder of several cryptocurrencies (since 2019). Provider of survival weekends in the Swiss alps.

Mukiri Muchene
GO Project Manager

12 years of experience working with Governments, NGOs, Embassies and international companies across Africa. Founder of Young Smile, a non-profit dedicated to educating school children on their cultural heritage.

Emanuela Shopova
Project Co-ordinator

Masters of Economics, a digital Nomad and long-term crypto investor with a magic ability to turn data into information.

Global Advisory Council & Network

Dustin Plantholt
Forbes Monaco
A self-confessed Digital Asset enthusiast, Dustin Plantholt is a Forbes Monaco Editor ‘Crypto’, Founder of Crypterns, Plantholt Advisory Group and LifesTough.com. Aside from being a zealous entrepreneur and inspirational thought-leader, Plantholt is also a highly sought after event emcee/moderator, film actor/producer, host of the highly regarded Bitcoin.com podcast and creator of the crypto comic book series CrypternsComic.com
Mark Bruce
CEO Britannia Financial Group
A leading global financial group offering investment banking, securities, brokerage, asset and wealth management, banking and trust products and services.
Terry O'hearn
Founder, CEO Rizmi Trading
Well connected early Crypto Adopter (2013). Serial Entrepreneur with 30+ years experience in fintech, technology, corporate finance and retail. Currently Chairman of Rizmi Trading Solutions.
Bruce Porter
CEO at GlobalBoost
Bruce Porter Jr. has brought together world leaders developing the digital landscape from blockchain to the metaverse. Porter brings a solid track record. His name is synonymous with the Bitcoin monetary revolution. He is the CEO at GlobalBoost and Founder at Washington Elite.