A Token backed by
renewable energy and

With over 70 years of team experience in renewable energy we created a sustainable solution to help everybody go green. With EcoWatt, You can actively combat climate change with a click of a button. Our Token generates Carbon Offset Certificates so that you become a part of the solution and get rewarded.


What is Ecowatt

EcoWatt is a next generation energy company, covering the whole energy chain from development, construction to operation and management of renewable energy plants and combining green energy with blockchain tokenization

To meet global climate objectives, the deployment of renewable energy must increase at least six fold compared to todays level. Achieving a climate neutral and circular economy requires the full mobilization of industry and private sector. It takes 25 years - a generation - to transform an industrial sector and all the value chains.
To avoid climate collapse by 2050 decisions and actions need to be taken in the next five years. 

The No. 1 Real World Utility Token.

EcoWatt makes crypto mining, industry, global brands and you green. Our two Token Model is backed by renewable energy assets and reforestation projects. Projects that reduce Global Carbon Emissions and fund social impact. Projects that reward you with access to valuable carbon credits and utility NFTs that certify you as green. With EcoWatt, you hold a token that grows in value as the demand for green power increases.

At launch, 1 Token is backed by 1Watt of renewable power plant capacity. By 2025 we aim to have 10 Watt to back each Token, increasing the value and utility for you.



 Phase 1: Seed

Project Launch

Asset Selection

Lloyds Rating

NGO Partnerships


Phase 2: Launch


IEO Soft Launch


Phase 3: Utility

Multi-Listing & CMC

Foundation Launch

EcoCarbon NFTs

Green Initiative
Media Campaign


Phase 4: Growth

EcoWatt DAO

2025: 10 Watt pro

100M Trees Planted


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