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Ecowatt Partners with BWT Alpine F1 Team

15 February, 2023

With the clock fast running out to pull back the effects of climate change, what the world needs now more than ever is innovative thinking on the No.1 issue facing the planet. Two polar opposites think they have the answer.

Ecowatt, an innovative green investment platform, has announced a strategic partnership with BWT Alpine F1 team to accelerate the motorsport team’s 2030 net zero emissions target – a partnership between two cultures equally driven by continuous, rapid innovation.

Thomas Puskas, CEO of Ecowatt, explains: “We believe innovation can save the world from environmental catastrophe and that’s why we’re excited to partner with a brand as dedicated to technological advancement as Alpine. Our focus will be to work closely with them to pioneer meaningful and measurable sustainability initiatives.”

Lauren Haworth, Marketing Director of Ecowatt, adds: “The BWT Alpine F1 Team are an unbelievable Band of Racers with an astonishing dedication to continuous improvement, and this is carried through every facet of their operations. This mindset is one of the core success factors in the fight against climate change, and finding partnerships with aligned core values that allow us to leverage each other’s strengths and resources will make all the difference in moving the needle forward. Our combined efforts will accelerate innovation.”

About Ecowatt

Ecowatt operates two core portfolios: The Green Asset Portfolio currently holds a 14GW pipeline of solar, wind and geothermal power station projects, which essentially increases the much needed supply of carbon avoidance initiatives.

Ecowatt takes a large part of net revenues from the Green Asset Portfolio to fund their second, the Impact Portfolio. Ecowatt carefully selects social impact projects, such as reforestation, which are holistic and sustainable, and will produce carbon credits. Their goal is to plant 200 million trees by 2030.