EcoWatt Token Explained


Each EcoWatt Token is backed by minimum 1 Watt of renewable energy capacity and by reforestation projects.


Staking the EcoWatt Token generates instantly EcoCarbon rewards which can be traded or used to mint NTFs. 
The more Watts are added per Token,
the more Carbon Certificates are produced.


Renewable energy and reforestation projects are the real world values which powers each NFT for 20 years.

Carbon Certificate

EWT Tokens and its NFTs are backed by the ISO-Verified Green Asset Portfolio incl. renewable energy and reforestation projects.

The Number 1 Real-World Utility Token.

1 EcoWatt Token (EWT) is at launch backed by 1 Watt of renewable power plant capacity. The Ecowatt Climate Change Governance Token is Powered by the Green Asset portfolio, a Blockchain Enterprise Solution to make the world green again by creating new renewable power plants and carbon credits.
We build renewable energy facilities primarily across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and participate in reforestation projects around the world.

By 2025 we aim to operate at least 10000MW of renewable energy power plants and to plant 50-100 Million trees. This ever expanding Green Asset Portfolio will  increase the value, utility, liquidity and environmental and social impact of the EcoWatt Token for decades to come.


When staking for any period, you receive your rewards instantly. The EcoWatt Token instantly generates an EcoWatt Carbon Certificate (EWC). Carbon Certificates have already increased
2500% in value since inception and the price continues to go up every year. 
You can keep it and become CO2 neutral yourself or trade it to help others go green.
With EcoCarbon tokens you can mint NFTs which unlock additional features.

1 EcoWatt Token generates 1 EcoCarbon Token per year.
Stake for any periods to receive your rewards (EcoCarbon) instantly:

12 months - 100% Staking Rewards
  6 months  -  45% Staking Rewards
  3 months  -  20% Staking Rewards

EcoCarbon Token

Our two Token Model forms a bridge that connects carbon credit generating renewable energy and reforestation projects with you.
Staking the EcoWatt Token generates EcoCarbon for trading or minting NFTs.

SWAP       EcoCarbon for more EcoWatt at an exchange rate of 50:1
TRADE     Sell EcoCarbon on Exchanges
MINT         Utility NFTs for carbon certification, games and brand loyalty programs
BURN       1500 EcoCarbon for 1-Ton ISO-14064 Carbon Certificate


The EcoWatt Token has a max. supply of 1 billion tokens, which are mined by providing liquidity to build a 1 billion (1 000 000 000) Watt power portfolio of renewable power plant assets.

As the portfolio grows beyond the 1 billion Watt mining target, the value of the token increases due to the fixed Token supply. The 2025 Watt to Token ratio anticipates a rate of 10 Watt to 1 Token.

EWT Value

1 Billion EcoWatt (EWT) Tokens max Supply

Issuance Phase:    1 Token = 1 Watt ($ 1.4)
2025 Target:           1 Token = 10 Watt 
Founders Doxxed: 1st year 0 Tokens