How do I set up my 2FA?
After you register your account and log in for the first time, you will see a QR code and a field where you have to enter 6 numbers. Scan the QR code with an app on your phone like google authenticator then you will see a 6-digit code. This code will only be displayed on your phone and must be entered each time you log in. Your account is now protected from unauthorized access.
How do I reset my 2FA?
If you no longer have access to your 2-FA code, for example because you have a new phone or want to use a different authenticator app, please contact our support via filling out the contact form at https://ecowatt.io/contact-us/. Please enter the email address under which your account is registered and your registered name and ask for a 2-FA reset. Wait for any further questions or a confirmation by mail. As soon as your 2-FA is reset, you can reconnect it. (See: how do I set up 2FA?)
I have logged in and my token balance is zero. How can i find my tokens?
If 0 EWT are displayed under Stake/Claim 2 initial situations must be distinguished:

Situation 1.) there is no wallet address connected in your profile:

Please follow the steps in point (5.) How do I connect my Metamask Wallet to my
Now your wallet is connected. Ecowatt can now transfer your Token to the smart
contract for the entered wallet id. As soon as your tokens arrive, you can stake them or claim them.

Situation 2.) there is a wallet address connected in your profile:

The tokens are registered on the smart contract under the wallet id, that was entered in your profile. If another wallet is connected and tries to claim your token, EWT is displayed. This is for security purposes. That means the tokens are only visible on the website under Stake/Claim when the correct wallet tries to claim the tokens.
Additionally, this correct wallet must be the only one that is connected to the Ecowatt site, otherwise also EWT is displayed.

To see your tokens, please go to Stake/Claim and connect the wallet that is entered in your profile (hover over wallet connected to see which one is connected in your profile).

To ensure that no other wallets are connected, please follow these steps:

1. go to your Metamask, click on the 3 dots(line) in the top right corner and disconnect
staking.ecowatt.io and token.ecowatt.io
2. switch your Metamask accounts and repeat step 1 for all other accounts in your
3. Connect your Metamask to your profile (see Situation 1)
4. under stake claim, click on confirm staking wallet - and choose the same wallet as in your profile (if you can't choose from the accounts, but are directly connected to a wallet, then there is still an open connection to staking.ecowatt.io in Metamask - go back to step 1. - you will also recognize this case if confirm 0x....XXX is displayed instead of confirm staking wallet)

Now you should see your tokens under stake/claim

If you followed all of these steps and still see 0 EWT, please contact our support via
filling out the contact form at https://ecowatt.io/contact-us/
How do I connect my Metamask Wallet to my account?
To connect your Metamask, please follow these steps:
• make sure, eg. Metamask Wallet extension is installed in your browser
• log into the Ecowatt webpage
• click on your profile ("Hello...")
• then in the top right corner it says "connect wallet" - click it
• choose your desired Metamask wallet
How do i send tokens from the Ecowatt platform to my Metamask wallet?
To send your tokens from the Ecowatt platform to your Metamask wallet, please make sure your Metamask wallet extension is installed in your browser. If you go to "Stake/Claim" on the Ecowatt website, you will see your EWT balance displayed. There you can click "Claim" and Metamask will open after a second. Make sure you have MATIC in your Metamask, to cover the transaction costs of the Polygon blockchain.