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EcoWatt green energy

Solving Crypto’s biggest issue

Making Crypto Mining Green again with Carbon Credits on the Blockchain

Fast growing community

EcoWatt is working with Climate Impact Organisations and supported by over 40.000 retail wallet holders.

Airdrop Campaign

Earn tokens simply by pre-registering for the public mining pool and Join our airdrop campaign.

EcoWatt fair launch

Green community

For each 1 Token sold, 1 Watt of Green Power is connected to and verified by the respective national grid on a public ledger
Ecowatt Green assets

Real value & daily rewards

The EcoWatt Token derives its core value from a physical revenue generating green asset portfolio.

Ecowatt solution to a real problem

Social impact projects

The Green assets provide ongoing revenue that fund asset growth to increase Token value and staking reward.
EcoWatt Tekonomics

Staking Tokens

Fund allocation into social impact projects in the area of energy, food and water security as well as tree planting projects

Fixed supply

The EWT Tokens have a fixed supply, but the assets continue to grow, which will increase the ratio, value and staking rewards of the Token over time.

With this income we will grow the asset portfolio and Token value indefinitely, reward the staking community for its support, add low cost liquidity lending and fund social impact projects in the areas of energy, food and water security as well as planting millions of trees.

1 Token = 1 Watt

The EWT Token has an initial EcoWatt Green Asset Portfolio backing at a ratio of 1 Token = 1 Watt.

The environmental and economic output of these green assets is dedicated to increasing Token value and fund social impact projects as voted on by the governance community. By buying and staking Tokens, the EcoWatt community gains the governance voting rights on social impact projects funded by green assets.

EcoWatt Token Offering

The EcoWatt Token will be offered via the EcoWatt platform and be available on the Bitforex exchange from 09 October, 2021. Token mining requires a one-to-one ratio of 1 Token being backed by 1 Watt of Power.

In order to achieve this, EcoWatt has arranged two funding rounds before transitioning to the exchange listing for community members to purchase discounted Token claims. The Founders receive zero Tokens in advance and are 100% tied to the success of the project.

What is the possible return?

EcoWatt needs to only make 1.5% of Bitcoin Mining or 0.2% of European and US Data Centers green to achieve 100% Token issuance. At a rate of 1 Watt per Token, the EcoWatt Green Asset portfolio will produce approx. 1.5 TWh annually of green energy.

Is there an Ambassador Affiliate Program?

Yes, coming soon we will offer an affiliate program. Become an ambassador, sign in to our affiliate program and start earning tokens and rewards.

Is there a community?
EcoWatt is working with Climate Impact Organisations and supported by over 42.000 retail wallet holders who participated in pre-sale and airdrops as of September 15 2021. Their value is doubled by enterprise partners.
What are the actual assets?

The EcoWatt DAC Token Issuance is backed by the economic and environmental output of a physical Green Asset Portfolio. Upon full Token issuance, 1 Billion Watts (capacity of approx 200 Large Wind Turbines) will aim to produce minimum 1.5 TWh of green electricity and save 750.000 tons of CO2 Emissions annually.

Where can I find the EcoWatt offering?
The EcoWatt Token will be offered via the EcoWatt platform as well as on in September/October 2021. Within Q4 2021 EcoWatt will become available on Uniswap and further exchanges.
A total of not more than tokens will be issued and released onto the Ethereum blockchain via the Polygon (Matic) Network as ERC20 tokens.

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