We Do Create An Impact
Environment, Economy, Technology, Culture


What we do, we do to create an impact - an environmental one, an economic one, a technological one and also a spiritual-cultural one.

By engaging the community through tokens and NFTs, we are able to replace one-off charity actions with sustainable solutions. So we can bring reforestation, food security water conservation and clean energy to places where a traditional company would hesitate.

Because only where awareness of the challenges is strong, can enough people be found to address them. Only where people know the possibilities will modern technologies for climate protection be widely applied.

We want to make the world a better place and take action against climate change. To do this, we combine web-3 technologies and renewable energies to make a significant, measurable contribution.


Extreme weather is on the rise; floods, storms, droughts and melting polar ice caps dominate the climate change news. The United Nations has agreed to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

We can all contribute to this goal!

What drives us is passion. Passion for the climate, passion for our planet, and passion for the people who inhabit it. That’s why we want to help where it’s needed most. On the ground, without detours.

The Means Are There

Energy efficiency and renewable energy generation and storage can have a lasting impact on climate change. In addition, climate-damaging CO2 emissions can be significantly neutralized with the help of targeted reforestation.

But what can individuals and companies do who cannot invest directly in such projects?

By involving the community through tokens and NFTs, sustainable solutions can be created that permanently free people from poverty and provide them with electricity, water and food. Through the simple purchase and stacking of tokens, our community is already contributing to climate protection and social impact. By buying NFTs you will be certified as climate neutral for a period of time or you can resell the certificate.

Be the change.


Trees not only help the climate, but also fight poverty. In Uganda, we are working with “trees for the future” to train 500 families to plant trees that enrich the soil with nutrients and to practice sustainable agriculture. In this way, their income increases; they can grow more fruit and vegetables for self-sufficiency and products such as tea and bananas are bought from them in fair trade. This so-called Forest Garden Program promotes the planting of a total of one million trees, strengthens the environment and sustainably frees families from poverty.

With our first pilot, we have already set a goal of planting 1 million trees and have already planted over 100 thousand of them with partners as of February 2022. Currently, we plant one tree every 2 minutes.

Based on this experience, we will scale the project and set ourselves the goal of having planted up to 100 million
trees by 2025.


Sometimes our help also consists of simply lending a hand. This was the case in the fall of 2021, when there was severe flooding in the Kerala region of India. Thousands of people were evacuated and housed in 184 relief camps. However, particularly remote areas were cut off from supplies. Our entire EcoWatt team in India volunteered and traveled to the cut-off villages to provide several hundred people with food and basic necessities for a month. These are the very things that make us proud, because they live up to what we all want to stand for.