Finally, NFTs with Real Tangible Value


They are minted by burning EcoWatt Carbon tokens (EWCT). They are certified Carbon Credits based on reforestation projects. Best of all, they help make the industry, crypto miners and individuals CO2 neutral.

One NFT supports the planting of 150 trees, and these trees generate one ton of CO2 credits every year - for 20 years!

Utility NFT Solutions

Our NFTs Plant Trees And Make You Green


No category in the blockchain is currently growing faster than NFTs in gaming. This presents a great opportunity for EcoWatt: we want to integrate our EcoWatt and EcoWatt Carbon token (EWCT) into the ecosystem of innovative gaming studios.

This way we help their environmental goals and strengthen the community. Holders can mint game NFTs with EWCT, unlock in-game perks, and at the same time know that playing a game plants additional trees. Holders can also create metaverse assets with EcoWatt that passively generate rewards for players within the game world - Play to Earn and Real World Impact. No problem with our gaming NFTs!

Let’s take a playful approach to climate protection!


Art against climate change - Our first lifestyle NFT series the - EcoWarrior - collection makes it possible:

Stunning digital, hand-drawn, limited edition art that embodies the benefit of a personal, Carbon Certificate, issued in the owner’s name.

The initial series is valid for 20 years. Members also receive access to all future pre-event EcoWatt sales.

EcoWarriors are just the precursor -other projects such as “EcoDrive”, “EcoHome” and “EcoTravel” will be released to gradually make all aspects of life green. Each NFT will be a limited edition collector’s item with multi-year benefits.


Sustainable is the new profitable - this is also and especially true for brands. That’s why more and more companies are turning to green strategies.

There are numerous applications, such as an airline buying EcoWatt NFTs which will offset the carbon emissions of the flights.​

Imagine buying a car with an NFT that offsets emissions, going on vacation and staying carbon neutral, or buying a coffee and planting a tree. The applications are endless!